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Betting Genius  Betting Genius 3.0
Betting Genius is a powerful sports management and prediction tool, that enables you to track your favorite leagues, download regularly updated league files from the internet and get very accurate predictions on upcoming matches.

Guiding Star Tarot  Guiding Star Tarot 1.2
A beautiful software rendition of the famous Rider-Waite Tarot deck with the full version of the text. (See Screenshot) It features six different Tarot spreads, including the Celtic Cross spread, the Zodiac spread, the Relationship Spread & more! You will also find tips on Tarot interpretation and choosing a spread for your tarot reading, articles by Arthur Waite, and an internet resources page for further information on Tarot and cartomancy.

IntelliTipster  IntelliTipster 1.5.3
IntelliTipster is an advanced team sports prediction and league management software, capable of delivering amazingly precise match outcome forecasts for football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball and other sports. Combined with a convenient league tracking environment, web update feature and advanced statistics features, this makes IntelliTipster a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use league management solution.

  Optimal Data Analyses 2.0
Optimal Data Analyses uses a powerfull algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence techniques that may be used for solving data analysis problems such as symbolic regression and classification. The purpose of symbolic regression is to find a function (mathematical expression) that satisfies a set of fitness cases (data). The purpose of classification is to find a function that separates a set of data.
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The Fishing Almanac  The Fishing Almanac 1.1
The Fishing Almanac provides comprehensive information on the Sun, Moon, Tides, Weather and Solunar Predictions. What makes The Fishing Almanac unique is the ability to configure according to a specific location and target species. The Fishing Almanac also contains useful fishing tips for both the beginner and more experienced Angler's and allows you to quickly log your results and refer to them for future reference.
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Power-Tarot  Power-Tarot 3.0.4
Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot: The Cross spread is particularly suitable for less complicated questions. The relationship game is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people and is one of the most interesting components of our tarot software. One can use The deciding match in our Tarot Software as a little help in case of doubt.
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SprinN Lite eng  SprinN Lite eng 2.7
SprinN, Capital Markets Predictions with Neural Networks. SprinN, the best prediction tool based on Artificial Intelligence techniques (Artificial Neural Networks), gives you accurate open, hold and close recommendations for your investments in the Capital Markets. SprinN allows you to select the risk of your operations, commissions, influence of technical analysis indicators, etc., and generates detailed reports and graphics.
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Ovulation Calendar  Ovulation Calendar 1.0
Ovulation Calendar is a handy program that calculates the time of ovulation and creates your personal fertility calendar, allowing you to choose the gender of your future baby. Ovulation Calendar calculates the probability of conception based on your ovulation time and other factors such as lifespan of the egg and sperm; and shows you the days that are most promising for conception.
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BetBug  BetBug
Now in its second full season, BetBug is downloadable software that allows users to bet directly with each other. We remove the bookie so you get greater value on every bet you make. Wager on a wide array of sports, futures and propositions. Download and start betting today.
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  Dream Angel Oracle 1.0
Dream Angel Oracle - Amazing Magical Program DEMO. WIN/MAC Talk to your own special magical Dream Angels with this program to unleash the power of your dreams. The Angels guide and advise you in all areas of your life, getting answers, solving problems awakening your inner joy. Fully interactive, intuitive and fun to use. Dream Angels point you in the right direction gently and playfully. Beautiful music, easy to use. Get more out of life now.
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Aura  Aura 3.0
Auraź Is the automated expert system for multivariate statistical forecasting. It combines the unique power of full automated multivariate statistical analysis in unlimited dimensions with the remarkable ease of use. It can both offer the instant forecast by one mouse click or expand for you many levels of complicated model trees that stay behind a few final digits.
prediction, forecasting, time series,

BrainCom  BrainCom 1.2
BrainCom is an artificial neural network. Utilizing backpropagation algorithm It can be used in almost all research fields such as nonlinear regression, forecasting, curve fit, pattern recognition, classification, decision making, problem optimization, time series analysis. Its user friendly environment makes it very easy to handle even by a novice. It can handle unlimited number of input vectors, inputs, outputs and hidden layer nodes.
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  Estard Data Miner 1.3
Estard Data Miner is a comprehensive data mining software, able to unearth hidden relations in data. The newest data mining techniques, built in wizards, intuitive interface and rich functionality make this data mining software a powerful analytical solution. The software can be used in business including: insurance industry, banking, finances. EDM perfoms statistical analysis, reveals all "If-Then" rules and decision trees for predictioning.
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VK TypeHelp  VK TypeHelp 1.1
Helps writers in repetitive tasks: input of long words or phrases, or pieces of text, and in recovering lost pieces of text. As an assistant of the writer observing the sequence of his keystrokes, it will predict and suggest reasonable continuations of the user's text input according to former occurrences of the context. Whenever the user accepts one of the suggestions, the assistant will input it to the active application, in place of the user.
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ForeStock  ForeStock 1.1
Collection of advanced forecasting algorithms: ARIMA with automatic best parameter set search and smart seasonal trend detection. Stepwise multivariate regression with the selection of the best regression subset. Proven backhistory. Full intraday capable. Real-time speed in model training. Ready to use professional style Expert Advisors, Indicators and System Testers. Open scripts for for writing your own trading strategies.
stock market, financial forecasting, trading, prediction,

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